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Disclaimer: This software is provided with no warranty or guarantee. Please follow and respect all TOS and Community Guidelines outlined at twitch.tv. Use all features with caution and respect. It is prohibited to use this software to spam people without their permission.  Use at your own risk!

Terms: By using Stream Elixir, users agree to the terms listed below.
The software is NOT to be shared, traded, released or distributed in any way without consent. Subscriptions are limited to the management of one (1) streamer account unless otherwise stated.

Stream Elixir and its parent company, Alchemist Technologies, are in no way affiliated with Twitch, Amazon, or any of its subsidiaries. The software comes with no warranty, guarantee or promise of software/service longevity, impact, financial return, or stream account protection. Alchemist Technologies assumes no responsibility for misuse or abuse of the product under the following terms and is not liable for any loss perceived to be related to any of its use. The software suite as been meticulously designed to operate within the platform’s Terms of Service, and by using the software you agree to abide by both the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines outlined at twitch.tv

Customers are not allowed to share their Stream Elixir user credentials, resell any part of the product, or charge for any service provided by the software without permission. Customers are not allowed to make any information gathered by Elixir public without the original information owner’s consent. Using the software on multiple IP’s or thru proxies is not allowed without permission. Using the software to manage multiple streamer account is prohibited without permission.

Sharing/selling channel lists, farming/harvesting channel names, and adding channels to lurk lists without the channel’s owner’s permission are all prohibited. Publicly posting channel names the software has collected without specific permission from each channel owner is prohibited. Adding random channels into the Ad Channels feature is prohibited without first contacting the channel and asking permission.

Using the software to maliciously attack, harass, or advertise illegal activity is prohibited. Using the software to spam unwilling participants is prohibited. The safest and most ideal way to add people to your lurk list, is to have them request to be added by typing “l4l” or “lurk” within your stream chat while the software is running.

Bypassing any configuration limits, software/service security, or platform api limits is prohibited. Tampering with the software’s source, outbound and inbound packets, or attaching 3rd party tools to monitor network traffic/workflow in an effort to change, inhibit, copy or extend the software’s features is prohibited; using the software to inflate channel statistics for the purposes of sponsorships, partnerships, bounties, advertisements or other forms of income based off of automated actions without the express consent/knowledge of the payee  – these actions may also incur platform TOS violations.

We reserve the right to suspend or deny service without refund to anyone found breaking these terms, or the streaming platform’s terms – for the safety of the platform, its users, our customers, and our product’s reputation. Full refunds are always given, no questions asked, within 3 days of any purchase/charge.

Global Lurk List: Stream Elixir provides an optional feature that will share your channel name with other users of the software.

Stream Elixir and its parent company do not own, organize, or operate a community based around the Global Lurk List. It is simply a feature that more easily connects the people who use the program.

Choosing to opt-in to this service means other users who have done the same will be automatically added to your lurk list. These users cannot be removed from your list without unsubscribing to this service. Likewise your channel will be added to every else’s lists. It is against Elixir TOS to IRC ban users on this list if you choose to opt-in.

Opting-into this service you provide consent to receive messages from every other customer on the list. Registration is optional and can be toggled on and off.

Paid Offers/Events: The product is never intended to be used to demonstrate a well-attuned audience. Increases in statistics and use of those statistics as proof of support must be clarified with all related parties, in the event said statistics have any relation to pay the user/streamer receives. Users should not apply for sponsorships, partnerships, bounties, advertisements or other forms of income which are calculated based on chat or view increases brought on by automated actions.

Elixir is provided to the streaming community to help create a environment where everyone can grow, including the twitch platform itself. The product aims to make a positive impact on the ecosystem as a whole. The software and its features are subject to the terms of the providing platform and features may change in accordance with those guidelines.

Privacy: No private personal data is ever stored. All data collected by the software is stored locally and is never sent to a centralized server. Stream Elixir will never harvest data or ever share/sell data to third parties. For more information about what data is seen and saved check here.

Roadmap: Elixir is currently being rewritten from the ground up in order to set a new foundation that will allow us to meet our exciting goals for the future. The next goal is to provide a wider range of value and services, shifting the focus to products that align with a views of a greater set of the community.

Updated 6/4/2019

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