Automate your lurk

No problem! You can add yourself to the Global Blacklist. Just click here, connect your twitch and hit “Add.” 

Elixir customers will no longer be able to add you to their list – either on purpose or on accident. And you will be removed from every lurk list you are currently on. This may take up to an hour to take full effect.

Stream Elixir’s main long term goal is to bring as many valuable tools within one place for the average streamer.

The current program has several main features:

Messaging – Sends automated messages to two different types of channels:
     1) Pre-consented community channel hubs such as Commanderroot or SmallStreamersHelper
     2) A channel support list, often called the lurk list. A list of gaming/entertainment channels that request/consent to be supported in an automated manner.

Host Raffle – This allows a user to turn their channel in to an automated service where other streamers can use chat commands to enter a raffle drawing. The winner is hosted on your channel for a period of time.

Commands – Create custom commands for your stream chat – automatically respond to certain keywords, and created fun experiences.

Variables/Points – Create custom variables and points systems for your users. Keep track of certain events, or reward users with tokens to spend.

Lists – Keep custom lists of channels – this can be used for giveaways, or in combination with commands and other systems such as Host Raffle.

Whisper Management – Manage whispers more efficiently with a fast UI and automated responses to keep spam and common questions at bay.

Follow Management – Track who unfollowed you and see who wants you to follow them.

Not exactly. Stream Elixir can only send messages to people who give their consent for automated support.

This is generally done by saying a command within an Elixir users stream chat such as “l4l”. At which point the software will respond telling the viewer they have been added to the automated support list. It also by default gives them instructions on how to remove themselves.

For more information about the commands any viewer can use when around Elixir assistants, click here.

Absolutely not. 

The main goal behind Stream Elixir is to try to set standards for what cross-channel bots should and shouldn’t do.

The program is specifically designed to not send messages to anyone without their prior consent. This is usually done by someone going to the Elixir owners channel and typing a command to add themselves to the support list, such as: “l4l”

We also provide chat commands anyone can use in stream chat. These commands allow you to customize how Elixir users behave on your channel. Click here to find out more.

No. Not without specifically stating the effect automated behavior has on your statistics within your application or on-boarding process.
This is against Elixir TOS and is often against the Terms of the promotion or sponsorship.

Stream Elixir clients do not engage in any advertisement activity. The software never intends to emulate an advertisable audience. Therefore the software should never be used to “fool” advertisers or sponsors into paying more for results generated by automated behavior.

Regular Ads: Yes.
Stream Elixir clients do not engage in any advertisement activity. Ads built into the streaming service are not counted or viewed using the refresh service.

The software never intends to emulate an advertisable audience. Therefore the software should never be used to “fool” advertisers or sponsors into paying more for results generated by automated behavior.

External Ads: any advertisement or service whose pay is calculated by statistics affected by Stream Elixir should not be used without specific consent from said service. 

No, at its core, it follows the rules found in Twitch’s TOS. We are always checking constantly for any changes made to the TOS and make any adjustments to the program (if any) to ensure that our users are in compliance of Twitch’s TOS.

This does not mean that just because you use Stream Elixir you will never get banned. All users must follow Twitch’s TOS themselves and use Stream Elixir in accordance with these rules. Abuse of these guidelines may still result in account suspension.

As much as we want everyone to use our program and use it to grow their channel with no charge. Unfortunately, this is a bit of an undertaking. It does require some sort of stability to keep the program going and to keep it growing. As of right now, to use Stream Elixir is available for $15, $30 and $50 monthly.

Stream Elixir is a growing ecosystem of tools. Currently our Automated Lurking tool is billed at a monthly subscription. Future tools such as Elixir OBS (Beta coming end of 2019) will be free with optional premium features.

As the automated lurking market matures and other competitors come into the space, we will keep our pricing competitive. 

Yes, please join our discord and contact Myles. This process is manual the first time, sorry for the inconvenience.

While Stream Elixir doesn’t take a lot to run it, it is recommended to have decent and up to date system to ensure to get the very best experience with Stream Elixir. So basically, if you can have 5-6 tabs open (steams) with no slowdown or delay, then you are good to go!​

Windows • An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable • 512 MB of RAM 

Mac • An Intel processor that’s 64-bit • 512 MB of RAM 

Linux • An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable 


The installer is a 80mb download and a one click install. Sets itself up in less than 2 minutes and asks you 4-7 questions. From there configuration takes anywhere from 2-10 minutes depending on how long it takes you to think of messages, and add your advertisement channels.In total, even the slowest installs should take about 15-20 minutes.

Contact @Myles | Billing/Support on discord for a personal tutorial if one is needed. Plus the Discord server has tons of information and experiences if you happen to get stuck. Also, we have an awesome community to lend you a hand if needed.

Stream Elixir is designed to automatically lurk a list of channels. Channels are automatically added via the channel owner’s consent. 

Without consent it’s against TOS to send repeated messages to a stream. Elixir is designed so when lurkers come into your chat and type “l4l” – they are automatically added to the list.

For rare cases where you need to manually add someone, Elixir will send them a request for their consent before adding them to your list.

There are two ways a user can request to be removed from the lurk list:

1: Goto the Elixir owner’s channel and type !removeme
2: Mention the Elixir owner in a channel they are lurking and tell you to stop

@nascarjake stop spamming me dude

@nascarjake shut up

@nascarjake shut the hell up man

Once they do, the program will respond telling them the channel was successfully removed from the list

This is what the blacklist feature is for. Simply go to the Blacklist panel in Elixir (looks like a block sign). Select the + tab, and type the name of the person you wish to add.

They can no longer be added to your list. You will need to unblacklist them if you wish to ever add them again.

This allows a user to turn their channel in to an automated service where other streamers can use chat commands to enter a raffle drawing. The winner is hosted on your channel for a period of time.

These channels are great for interfacing with other streamers, keeping people around and active while you are not streaming, and bringing new interesting content to your channel automatically.

You must not be streaming and leave Elixir running for as long as you want the hosts to run.

To enable Host Raffles on your channel:
Go to settings and check the Host Mode switch
New settings will pop up.
Host Length is the number of minutes you wish each host to last
Raffle Window is the number of windows you wish the window to be open

So if your host length is 15 minutes, and your raffle window is 2 minutes, then you will host someone for 15 minutes – the first 13 minutes no “!hostme”s will count. The last 2 minutes the raffle will open up and people can type the command to enter. 

If the Raffle Window is set to 0, then the raffle will be open for the entire time (all 15 minutes in that example)

You can also customize the command and set it to ?hostme or whatever you want There is a host raffle open message that you can customize – this message is printed when the host raffle window opens. If the Raffle Window is set to 0, this message will not be sent.

There is also a raffle reminder time. You can send one reminder at a given time. And you can customize the reminder message. So if you set your reminder to 1 minute, then 1 minute before a winner is chosen – your reminder message will remind people to get their last minute entires in.

There are two new responses in the responses tab related to host raffles. Viewers will type your chosen command in chat while the raffle is active – once the time is up Elixir will randomly choose a winner and broadcast their name in chat as well as host them. It should not host channels that are not currently live. Currently all viewers get equal chances.

Since Stream Elixir does send out automated messages, some streams are cool with it and some aren’t. The most normal respond for a streamer to do is to ban the cause of the messages. However, don’t be upset with them because they may have forgotten they signed up, in your channel, to be on your Lurk List and naturally, they are going to think that a bot has invaded their channel.

Best thing to do is get in contact with the streamer and apologize. Let them know that they you didn’t mean to annoyed them and let them know you understand why they would ban bots. Ensure them that it’s a new system that you are using and you are not trying to do anything malicious. 9/10 streamers are cool with it and they will unban you. Just be cool with them and they in turn, will be cool with you. Please do not ignore the fact you got banned, please reach out to them.

Normally each Elixir subscription allows you to manage one streaming channel.

Power Tier users ($50/month) can manage up to 5 streaming channels using one Elixir account. This is great for stream teams, or larger streaming communities who have multiple channels.

No. One of the main points of lurking is so people can click on your stream name in other peoples chat. If it’s a seperate account it won’t be as effective.

You are able to find a list of all commands in the Readme file.
To view it, click the question mark (?) in the center bottom of the program.

Stream Elixir is designed to give a view as soon as you connect or someone goes live. We do this through completely legal and public means. Due to the fact we are not lying within the data or bypassing any security measures the software cannot provide 100% success rate of being counted as a viewer all the time. It would be easy for me to create something that’s 100% successful, I know how to do it, it would be illegal though.

During our tests we have seen stream elixir give a view 100% of the time when you connect to someone’s channel and send a message within 5 minutes of connection. The view will be counted consistantly for 45 min to 1hr. After this period it is harder to continue to be counted as a view. And thus our success rate drops to 60%. If you restart stream elixir or if someone goes off line and comes back on – the success rate jumps back up for another hour.

Elixir is designed to count as a view a much as possible. Other bots that use simple IRC almost never are counted as views. mIRC is a popular free general IRC client that can be configured to automatically send messages. There are video on you tube teaching people who to make a IRC bot that tries to do the same thing as Elixir. But no matter how you configure it, connecting through IRC alone won’t produce a view.

It’s really all a scam. People with mIRC bots are sending messages to people making them think they are supporting them by giving them a view and encouraging people to lurk them back – when infact they aren’t actually lurking, they are just chat botting.

This is why I created elixir. Because soon, if everyone has a crappy bot, no one will get any views. So we aren’t perfect but we are better than most, and it’s only going to get better as time goes on.

For more information visit https://streamelixir.com/counting-as-a-real-view

In short, all Stream Elixir data is currently saved on your local device. It does not save any chat messages, and the only piece of data you collected for each person you are lurking is their channel name.

For more information check here:

Theres a toggle button in the settings panel

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