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Stop doing everything the hard way and be a star in your community! 


Automated Stream Assistant software that gets you off the chatrooms and back into your game – Stream Elixir allows anyone to become a star in the growing hyper-networking streaming community. Channels that use Elixir provide a service to their community and supporters and both helps them achieve their dreams while increasing your own visibility.


Setup takes a matter of minutes.

No custom scripts, long tutorials, manually editing files, or testing stuff over and over.

Just download Elixir and open the installation file. No questions, no hassle – it will install automatically and open as soon as its ready.

Once open, initial configuration is as simple as connecting your streamer account and configuring whatever personal messages you may want. 

We have a video tutorial available for those who need a visual guide.

Stay up to date with ease!

Every time you start Stream Elixir it will check for the latest updates. Making it easy to enjoy the latest features and maximize your subscription experience!

Updates are fairly frequent during Beta.

Keep track of your followers and who leaves your community with Stream Elixir’s Unfollower feature. 
While we do not condone playing the “unfollow game” – learning who unfollowed you and viewing trends is a must have tool for any analytical streamer.

This features is NOT available in the Basic Tier package.

Sick of losing host raffle games? 

Now you can automatically send a !hostme message to your favorite promotion channels without ever thinking about it again!

Get hosts with ease while also contributing to the hosting channel’s popularity.

It’s not all about you!

Elixir’s goal is to give everyone powerful community tools – this includes those who are affected by our service but are not actually a customer.

Stream Elixir is designed with a focus on viewer choices – allowing channel owners to customize how they are lurked by Elixir clients.

For more information on this look here.

Stream Elixir is designed to be friendly to all users and viewers. This means giving viewers the ability to completely opt out of being contacted by Elixir’s services.

We operate a Global Blacklist. Users can add themselves by saying !elixirblacklist. This way it’s as easy as one command to remove yourself from every automated channel and preventing the possibility of being added again by accident.

Since Elixir keeps a list of all the people you are trading support with, we make it easy for you to host them directly from the client.

Since Elixir allows you to support hundreds of channels at once, its important that you have the right tools to manage all these new friends.

Most Active  – Quickly and easily view the channels that are most active in your chat.

Live List – Keep track of who is live when and generate a list of channels who have not been online in X days. This allows you to quickly remove large amounts of people who have stopped streaming.

Lost List – Keep track of who has been supporting you back by typing in your channel. Generate a list of channels who have not been seen in your channel in X days. This allows you to quickly remove large amounts of channels who are not supporting you.

Make your channel the place where small streamers gather! A host raffle channel gives away hosts – usually every 15 minutes. Viewers can enter the host raffle and a winner who is currently streaming gets randomly picked.

Give your supporters more chances to win with our Host Raffle Ticket System. Give extra raffle entries to Subscribers, Followers, Top Cheerers and more.

Now featuring customizable break times – so you can feature your stream in between helping others out.

Includes an OBS and XSplit compatible Overlay displaying the raffle timer.

This feature is NOT included in the Basic Tier package.

Do you have multiple Twitch channels and want to use Stream Elixir for all of them? 

With the Power Tier, users can manage up to 5 different channels with one account.
Power Users can run multiple instances of Elixir on one computer or can use Elixir on multiple computers.

Stop wasting time dealing with dozens of whispers every day! Automatically respond to any phrase you want with custom responses. Add channels to your support list automatically. Choose whether to respond to follow for follow requests, or choose to turn off automated whisper management completely.

View and manually manage all whisper activity directly through the app via a snazzy “mobile-messaging-like” interface.

The messages you send are important. Take full control over every aspect of what you say and how you say it when you are not around. Because after all – it’s you.

Create a main message list and Elixir will randomly select a message for each channel you lurk. We also include options to minimize duplicates, or go through the list linearly.

Additional options include things like:

“First Message” – a message that sends before the main message list is used.

“Response Delay” – wait a few seconds before responding – this value is supplemented by a random value as well, to add additional realism.

Message Content Commands – you can use dynamic properties in your messages to make them more unique and contextual. Example: Thanks %user% for the %bits% bits

Interact with your viewers via custom response messages. Decide how the assistant responds to requests and key phrases.

Create your own commands and respond to any phrase you’d like in both your chat and whispers. 

Track usage of commands and use contextual dynamic property inserts to make the commands more interactive.

A points system is on the way to add into this feature.

Track as many variables as you wish. Track how many times an emote is used or how many times a command has been used.

Variables can be turned into a form of currency that is processed on a per user basis.
This means you can give “gold” to your viewers. Users can name the “gold” coin whatever they wish, and the currency can be distributed automatically as a reward for viewing or chatting in stream. Extra currency can be given people who support you, such as Subs, Followers and Top Cheerers.

A powerful feature that allows users to create unlimited lists. These lists can be used for many different things. Such as giving extra tickets to host raffle users, or ignoring users from the host raffle. 
Customized commands can be hooked up to lists to make them intractable. Lists, commands and variables can be used together to do many interesting thing such as custom giveaways, custom VIP or mod lists, etc.

Make sure every channel you support is happy with the messages you send. You can customize the messages you send to every single channel on your support list.

Does someone only want you to send emotes? Totally fine. Does someone else only want you to send one message over and over? Totally cool.

Automatically interact with viewers, both on your channel, and in other connected channels. Elixir will respond to common commands and phrases such as:

  • hi, hello, greetings, hola, hey, hiya – etc.
  • !play
  • !duel

There are tons of activities to participate in on Twitch. Elixir loves to play games. 

Elixir’s Play Mode lets you send a !play message when it senses theres a game going on. 

This is an optional feature and you can also opt out of !play messages being sent to your channel. 

Disclaimer: there are some games/companies who have TOS’s which do not allow automated play. The popular title Marbles On Stream is one of these. Play mode is not meant to be used to automatically play games that do now allow such behavior.

Automatically send thank people who cheer, host your channel, and subscribe to you.

Send a customized message via chat or whispers when someone interacts with your stream.

Send custom messages every X minutes to your channel. Post the rules, encourage subscriptions, or remind viewers to join your discord. It’s up to you!

A common obstacle in supporting many channels at once is getting a handle on what the rules are in chat. Simple IRC scripts will often forget to check for Follower-Only or Sub-Only mode and a message will never properly send.

Elixir not only tells you who’s chat is in one of these modes – it will automatically follow them or remove them from your list if you want.

Track how many subscribers you have, how long they’ve subscribed, how much they’ve donated, and how often they chat.

Automatically thank subscribers via whispers or highlight them in your chat.

Have a lot of people hosting you and keep loosing track of who is giving you views? Elixir notifies you when someone hosts you and keeps track of how many views they’ve given you throughout your friendship.

Open up many different video streams at once. No more need to load up the stream page or use different websites riddled with ads. 

Pop out the video with chat, or without. 

Send a one time special announcement to all channels on your support list.

As a responsibility contention to this powerful feature – we only allow one message message per Elixir client every 10 minutes. This is to maintain respect for the rest of the community.

This feature is NOT available within the Basic Tier package.

Monitor what the stream assistant is doing for you with the Stats panel. Get live feedback from the software – see messages, mentions and channel statistics – all beautifully displayed via charts and graphs.

Get live updates on important events going on via the Notification panel. See mentions, bans, add/remove requests & more!

It even makes sound too! (And yes you can customize the sound.)

A great feature for hybrid streamers or people who want to stream in multiple modes.

Say you want to run a Host Raffle channel for part of the day, and then switch to gaming. You may have more than a dozen settings that you need to swap and change over – back and forth.

Stream Elixir makes it easy, allowing you to save settings in “Profiles.” Make one profile for your “Host Mode” and another for “Game Mode” – then easily switch between them without worrying about flipping switches.

Running over a dozen video streaming tabs on Chrome will start to slow down any computer. Plus it drains bandwidth because the video stream is being downloaded. It’s hard to play a game at your best when you’re dropping frames because you are lurking in the background.

While Stream Elixir does take a small amount of CPU and bandwidth usage – it is no where near running tabs manually. Running 12 or more tabs is going to slow your computer down significantly more than Elixir running 250-350 channels.

If you are wondering, Elixir Beta has been stress tested so far with over 2000 channels in one list. It’s not recommended for everyone – but it’s possible.

Stream Elixir’s community includes both customers and non-customers. Its a group full of streamers who wish to network with each other and help one another. 

While the software itself is separate from the community of users who choose to support it – we are proud to have so many helpful supporters. 

Join us on discord via our Support page. 

Open multiple chat windows from different channels, with or without video feed. Easily access channel stats, profile page & more. 

Long term – Stream Elixir’s goal is to create an all in one toolset to replace the multiple tools streamers use right now.

In order to provide such a powerful and wide reaching service, we provide you with a set of powerful configuration options that allow you to customize the behavior of your stream assistant to better serve your community.

Have a community channel that needs you to send messages slower? 
No problem, we have custom message timers for Ad Channels

Have someone who keeps getting added to your list by accident? 
Just add them to the blacklist

Does some one not like the messages you are sending? 
No sweat, you can customize messages on the fly.

Designed to be Fair and Legal

We work hard to abide by all rules and guidelines provided by the platform. This includes: Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, Developer Agreements, & Privacy Policy. For more information on how we make this possible click here.

Not all "bots" are created equal

Stream Elixir has been created to aid the current hyper-networking community crisis. Designed to replace general IRC bots which are not formulated specifically for streamers - we have created a pre-configured, easy to setup, all-in-one package; any streamer can setup and benefit from. We call it an ASA - Automated Stream Assistant.

Oh my! This list keeps growing!

The application is still young and is under heavy development. We've come a long way so far, and have big plans for the future. If theres something missing from this list - honestly it's probably on our to-do list - but please let us know by stopping by our Discord.

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