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Automated Stream Assistant Software
by Alchemist Technologies

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An automated chat client designed specifically for hard working streamers

Easy to setuP. Frequent updates. Accessible community & support.

Stop the Manual Labor & Get Back To Streaming

Stream Elixir’s goal is to provide streamers powerful automated tools with a focus on responsibility and ease-of-use. Our mission is to change the landscape of cross-channel chatbots and extend the current definition into a diverse, respectable part of a professionals tool-kit. Specially crafted & limited around the platform’s TOS – each feature is designed to help increase your visiblity – while respecting the rest of the streaming community.

 Other features include:

Host Raffle Tools

Turn your channel into an automated host raffle promotion channel in minutes! Bring more traffic to your channel, and help others in the community by hosting viewers who type a customizable command such as !hostme.

New: Now includes ticket system allowing follows/subs/cheers to get more entries for supporting you! Also Includes New OBS Host Timer Countdown overlay.

Track (Un)Followers, Subs & More

Get live updates on important stats right on the dashboard. Customize notifications & sounds. Track who unfollows you, automatically thank people who cheer and see how many views you gain from hosts.

New: See who you are following that hasn’t followed you back, and keep track of individual donation totals.

Full Whisper Support

Stop wasting time dealing with dozens of whispers every day! Automatically respond to any phrase you want with custom responses. Add channels to your support list automatically. Then view it all in one place.

New: Automatically thank people who cheer, host and subscribe to your channel.

Create Custom Commands

Respond to any phrase and create interactive commands for your stream chat. Use these to impart information to your users such as your social media links or discord server. Or create interactive games and activities.

Track Variables and create your own point systems, then use custom commands to modify and distribute points.

Monitor Multiple Streams & Chats

Be everywhere at once! With Elixir you’ll always be everywhere. Anytime someone goes live you pop in to join them automatically. Review mentions from any of these channels and manually participate in multiple chats & watch videos.

New Update: Increased performance for viewing videos and monitoring large communities


All screenshots are from Early-Access. Design subject to change.

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