Its been a fun ride!

Thanks for your support

The Stream Elixir service has come to an end – the application is no longer up to date with the latest Twitch API and no longer works.

When we first created Stream Elixir it served a purpose which was meant to be short lived.
We had planned on a Stream Elixir V2 allowing social influencers and streamers the ability to automate many actions across multiple platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Unfortunately this pivot took place around the time Zuckerberg and others visited congress, and since then all of these companies have tightened their grip on what their APIs are allowed to do. Even with the best intentions we were unable to secure enough valuable automated actions to make the project viable.

We kept the Stream Elixir v1 service running for as long as we could – however it can no longer be updated in its current condition and has fallen out of date with Twitch’s API, so the app no longer functions.

The technical vision of V2 does live on though. The technical concept of the V2 bot maker was applied to a new project, TradeLab.ai which allows users to build their own trading bots without code. TradeLab.ai is free to use, and we have special offers on pro subscriptions for fans of Stream Elixir.

Thank you for your support and interest.
Jake & Myles
Alchemist Technologies LLC